"Die Milch" のCD、グッズ、Coco自作のアイテム等販売します。

Thank you for your inquiry.
If you use the forwarding service, an overseas shipping professional will deliver the products.
<Information on forwarding service>
TENSO COM https://www.tenso.com/en
TENSO JAPAN https://www.tensojapan.com/en
BAGGAGE FORWARD https://www.baggageforward.co.jp/en/
What is forwarding service?
・Purchaser must obtain a Japanese address by forwarding service
・Please use the acquired address to place an order (https://diemilch.official.ec/items/20794223)
・We will deliver safely from the forwarding service warehouse to your destination.
*The transfer fee will be borne by the purchaser. (The fee depends on the service)
In the future, we will consider adding support for overseas deliveries.
Thank you for your continued support us❤︎